Last Place on Earth Challenge

Due to COVID this event is postponed until 2022!

Last Place on Earth Challenge has been created to help raise urgently needed funds along with worldwide awareness to this critically important habitat This is your chance to become part of an event that truly does help to make a difference for the orangutans, rhinos, elephants & tigers and their rainforest home in the Leuser ecosystem.

At around 2.63 million hectares, the Leuser Ecosystem really is a world unto itself—a rich expanse of original tropical lowland rainforests, cloud-covered mountains and swampy peatlands. It is among the most biodiverse ecosystems ever recorded by science, and it is the Last Place on Earth where Sumatran orangutans, elephants, tigers & rhinos still roam free side by side.

However, the Leuser Ecosystem is now under threat. Despite being protected under Indonesian national law, massive industrial development is being planned for logging, palm oil, pulp and paper plantations and mining which threaten the entire ecosystem, as well as the continued wellbeing of the millions of Acehnese traditional landholders who depend on it for their food, water and livelihoods.

Will you join this event as either a participant or a sponsor to help with the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem? Learn more about what's at stake in the animation video below.

Time is definitely short, especially in the lowland rainforests and the carbon-rich peatlands. We need to take urgent action to secure the permanent protection of the priceless Leuser Ecosystem. Given the scale of the climate and biodiversity crisis, we simply cannot afford to lose the critical habitat.

The funds raised from this event will go to our local partners working tirelessly on the ground to protect and restore the Leuser Ecosystem.

How does the LOPE Challenge work?
The expedition consists of a group of 10 adventurous & passionate people from countries around the world. The team will travel through the critically endangered Leuser Ecosystem, from trekking in pristine jungles to rafting down rivers to climbing a 2,500m+ mountain. All to help raise awareness and urgently needed funds to help save this vital jungle habitat.  To become one of the lucky LPOEC 2021 participants, simply go to the Bookings tab at the top of this page and follow the directions.

Applications are open on a first come first served basis, until all 10 positions have been filled. There is no pre-registration or qualifications required, but we are asking that you declare your understanding about the expedition travel, level of difficulty and the costs involved.

How much will it cost?
The expedition cost in 2022 is AUD$4,655 per person. As well, each participant has a mandatory fundraising component of AUD$2,500 (minimum) per person as part of the tour package which MUST be raised 2 weeks prior to the departure date. More details about all the costs along with inclusions and exclusions can be found under the Itinerary section of this website. 

When is it on & how long does it go for?
The expedition begins on 1st September and finishes on 17th September 2022. The expedition will take 17 days/16 nights days to complete, including travel & briefing days. See the Itinerary page for details about each day locations and activities.

How are funds raised?
Each participant has their own minimum personal fundraising target of AUD$2,000, as part of their expedition commitment. The remainder of the targetted $50,000 is planned to be met through corporate sponsorship, general donations, and the event supporters. We will also once again be launching the $1 donate option and hope to get up to 100,000 people across the globe to donate $1 each through the LPOEC website. Links to this page will be promoted on Social Media.

People will also be able to sponsor their favourite trekker (that's you) and follow the event through Facebook and Twitter. Donations will be accepted in all currencies via credit card & Paypal, through the fundraising website. Tax receipts fro all donations are automatically generated and sent via email. 

If you wish to help the challenge by hosting an LPOEC fundraiser, please contact us, using the Contact Us form provided on the website or email  

We believe we have the means to raise over $50,000 in a united effort by all countries, which will significantly help conservation efforts in this location.

Where does the money raised go?
100% of monies raised will go towards on the ground conservation projects through The Orangutan Project. (TOP). Our local Indonesian NGO partners FKL & HaKA will be the main beneficiaries.

"TOP strives to get the best conservation and welfare results for orangutans & their habitats by effectively using every dollar raised to support genuine on the ground conservation work through a wide range of partners. Working in a non-partisan way provides the orangutans their best chance. The Last Place on Earth Challenge is a perfect display of both the challenge to save orangutans and the spirit of mutual cooperation that is needed to meet that challenge", says Leif Cocks, TOP Founder, and President.

How do I get to Medan?
Medan is in northern Sumatra, with the major airport being Medan Kualanamu International Airport (KNO). There are many daily direct flights to Medan from both Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Airlines that service these routes include Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, Air Asia, Malaysian Airlines and Jetstar Asia. Please contact us if you would like a quote for your flight connection to Medan from either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. 

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